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Micros is  U3 -U8.   You can register below and find some information that's good to know as a parent, coach, some frequently asked questions, and helpful links.  If after reading you do not find what you are looking for please feel free to reach out or come to one of the open monthly board meetings.  We hope to see you at the fields!

Registration Listing

2024 Micros - Fall Season

Micro Recreational Soccer (Ages U3-U8)
Welcome to Swansboro Soccer Association Micros Recreational Soccer! The primary goal of Micros is to get the players to have fun and be active in an organized and safe environment. The age groups included in this league are U3-U8. At these age groups we introduce basic concepts of soccer and cultivate a love of the sport while developing fundamentals along the way.
***This is not TOPSoccer or Academy Program***
For details regarding TOPSoccer or Academy please check our website.
Teams will begin forming UPON REGISTRATION CLOSING (Aug1st). Once a team is formed your coach will notify you of your practice details. Practices will start the week of August 19th - a coach will reach out to you after rosters have been finalized.

Game schedules for Micros will be Saturday mornings starting on September 7th. All games will be scheduled by SSA and will be played against other SSA teams. The last regular season game will be played on October 26th. Tournament games will be on November 2nd and or 3rd. Any game cancellations due to weather will be rescheduled to a Sunday afternoon.

Here is our Policy on Rostering Teams and Refunds

As an all-Volunteer Soccer Association, Swansboro Soccer looks for volunteers (Concessions, Coaches, and Field Maintenance etc.). If you selected to be a volunteer with SSA, the club will contact you regarding volunteer positions or you may contact us directly if interested in assisting. You may contact SSA at [email protected]

Code of Conduct for Parents/Caregivers, Families and Friends

• Be your child’s biggest fan and support him/her unconditionally

• When you take your child home after a match or training session, please 
be supportive and always focus on the positive aspects of his/her game.

• Develop a responsibility in your child to pack his/her own kit, clean 
his/her cleats/uniform and take a drink bottle (full of water only) to all 
practice and games.

• Respect the facilities at our opponents’ grounds.

• Do not criticize your child’s coach to your child or the other parents. If you 
are not happy with the coach you should raise issue with that coach.

• Encourage your child to speak with the coaches. If your child is having 
difficulties in training or games, or can’t attend training etc. This 
“responsibility taking” is a big part of becoming a mature person. By 
handling off the field tasks, your child is claiming ownership of all aspects 
of the game.

• Help your child focus on the performance and not the result. Remember 
winning is not as important as the performance.

• Support all the players on your child’s team. Do not criticize anyone. 
Remember children don’t mean to make mistakes.

• Do not criticize the opponents, their parents or their officials.

• Study the rules of the game. This will help you understand the calls made 
during a match and the reason for them.

• Never audibly dispute a referee’s decision. They will make mistakes 
occasionally. We all do. If you abuse or shout at the referee you are 
breaking the rules of the game and risk generating a possible fine. In 
extreme circumstances we could even be expelled from the Field(s), be 
forced to play all our games away or play without any spectators present.

• Parents/caregivers Friends of the family MUST NOT coach from the 
touchline during matches or training. Leave this to the coaches or you may 
cause confusion and erode your child’s confidence. The coaches have a 
worked out strategy for the players, and you might unwilling be 
obstructing a child’s performance.

• Parents/caregivers must not enter the field of play. Please remember – the 
game is for the children. It is not for the glory of the coach, manager or 

• If your child is injured during a game or training session do not come onto 
the field until you are directed to do so by the referee or coach.

Photo Consent and Release: When signing up for any program with Swansboro Soccer Association you are granting absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission to publish, distribute, exhibit or otherwise use any photographs that have been or may have been taken of you, your children and any other members of your family. You are hereby releasing Swansboro Soccer Association from all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever in connection with the photographs. You hereby understand that the images may be modified in any manner and waive any right to inspect or approve of any final product with said pictures. You agree that images may be used, without limitations, in print publications, online publications, websites and on social media. You also will waive any rights to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of the photographs taken of you. your children or any other members of your family.

8u Birth Year: 2017

Registration closes on 08/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 08/19/2024 to 11/03/2024

7u Birth Year: 2018

Registration closes on 08/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 08/19/2024 to 11/03/2024

6u Birth Year: 2019

Registration closes on 08/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 08/19/2024 to 11/03/2024

5u Birth Year: 2020

Registration closes on 08/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 08/19/2024 to 11/03/2024

4u Birth Year: 2021

Registration closes on 08/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 08/19/2024 to 11/03/2024

3u Birth Year: 2022

Registration closes on 08/01/2024 at 11:59 PM
Season Dates: 08/19/2024 to 11/03/2024


Frequently Asked Questions:

-When will I know if games are cancelled?  The decision to cancel games will be made as early as is reasonable and in cases of weather will be made by 7am on Saturday morning for micros games.  Do not expect a decision earlier than Friday night for weather as the weather forecast changes throughout the week.  

-Why are the fields closed for practice?  There are times when the fields will be closed to practices or games for different reasons.  Most commonly if the fields have been soaked with too much water and playing on them could cause damage to the fields or injure players.

-Why is there not a game every Saturday during the season?  There will be Saturdays that do not have games during the season.  This can be due to a festival or holiday in town, a tournament taking place at our fields, or a different reason the complex may be booked or closed.

-When are games? Games will take place on Saturday mornings.  The earliest game will start at 8am and we work to have the last Micro game finished by 11:30.  At the end of the season U7 and U8 will have tournaments where they will play multiple games in one day and may play past 11:30.

-I cannot find what team my player is on?  We will not post teams with coaches until that coach has completed the required training, been background checked and is approved to coach.  Please be patient with this process at the beginning of the season as we work to get our coaches cleared and teams assigned.

-What are the season dates?   We aim for 8 Saturdays of games that fall within the following windows.  The reason for the window is seasons can shift due to festivals, tournaments, coaches pending, or other unforeseen circumstances so please be patient.   For the fall in general the first game is shortly after Labor Day and the last game usually finishes sometime before Thanksgiving.  In the spring the season is starts sometime in March and finishes before the end of May.



Thank you for signing up to help coach! We appreciate your commitment to the club, community and players. It is important to make sure you begin your Risk Management and Safesport Training as soon as possible. We cannot release any team information to you and practices cannot begin until your background check comes back approved. This can take some time and is out of our control as a club so the sooner you complete your part of the process the better. Please check the Swansboro Soccer Association website and complete the Risk Management application and Safesport training.

-If this is your first season coaching or you are a returning coach who wants to add to the tools and drills you already know, we have information and resources on the Swansboro Soccer Association website to help.

-The rule modifications for these age groups are also posted on the website.

-Once you are approved check your email for your roster. Contact the parents on your roster and establish practice times for your team. For available practice locations reach out to the Director for your age group.

-We encourage you to set up a group chat (GroupMe is a good option that many use) for your parents and engage one of your parents as the "Snack Coordinator" to help manage end of game snack sign ups (which are also encouraged).

-If you have further questions, please check our Frequently Asked Questions part of the Micros page on the Swansboro Soccer Association website.  If you still have questions, please reach out via email at  [email protected] 

Micro Recreation

- Swansboro Soccer Association is made up of many volunteers to help create a safe and fun environment for our players.  You can check the website, lookout for emails, or reach out to find out how you can get involved.

-Don't have time to volunteer but own a business? Please consider a sponsorship.  You can view our sponsorship packages here.  Contact our sponsorship coordinator with any questions.

-Once your player’s coach is approved (they have completed the required risk management training and their background check has been approved) they will reach out to you with practice times and location.  Please make sure your contact information, both email and phone number, is updated on your account to make this contact easier for the coaches.  Practices are set by the coaches and will generally be one or two days a week.

-Games will take place on Saturday mornings and the schedule (once posted) can be accessed online.  There may be some Saturdays where there are no games due to local community events or if the fields are being utilized for another event.  It is important to remember that at this age games are noncompetitive and fun.  It is expected that the games can be chaotic in the beginning of the season as there are many players who are playing for the first time and others who may already understand the game.  The gameplay will progress as the season moves along and the players grow.  These games are a great time for discovery learning for the players as they see and figure things out and should not be seen as winning or losing at these ages.  End of game team snacks are highly encouraged.

- Uniform shirts for this division will be ordered by the club thanks to our club and sponsors. They will consist of t-shirts with different colors for the different teams.  We will wear these shirts for games along with shin guards, cleats, black soccer socks, and black shorts that you can purchase at any local sporting goods store or order online.  Appropriate t-shirts, shorts, soccer socks, shin guards and cleats are also required for practices along with a size 3 soccer ball and water bottle.

- The “U” means under, so U3 would be players “Under 3” years old (2 year olds) up through the U8 division which is mostly 7 year olds, and some advance players who may choose to play in an advanced division.   The age divisions are determined by what their age is on Dec 31st of the fall season.  This is determined by the state, not a club policy.  If your player is advanced, please email the coordinator to discuss moving them up an age bracket.  Players cannot play “down” an age division (except in specific and very limited circumstances).  If it is their first year playing soccer you are in the right place.  There are plenty of players, even up to our U8 division, that are playing for the first time this season, and remember the goal is to have fun.

-If your player has grown and is getting serious about learning more about soccer while having fun our Academy program begins at U8 and offers many wonderful opportunities to continue to play at a more advanced level alongside other players and parents who are willing to make that level of commitment.

- You will see in our rules posted online that the players will be playing a game that “closely resembles soccer”.  This is to emphasis that age-appropriate adjustments have been made to the game you may be familiar.  Please remember at these ages the primary goal is to develop a love of the game, and ensure they have fun while beginning to get exposed to the game, not how well they play the game yet or how many goals they score.

-Micros is designed to be noncompetitive.  There is no score keeping during the games, and likewise there is no carding during the games (red or yellow), at these ages the goal is that we teach players and that the players have fun in a safe environment.

-In alignment with this we do not have official referees.  At these ages it is important that the players are exposed to concepts of the game and are having fun.  The coaches can make field decisions that need to be made, keeping in mind getting the kids to play and keeping them playing safely is what is most important. 

-Game cancellation and rescheduling policy.  If games on Saturday morning need to be called for any reason the decision will be made no later than Saturday morning at 7am.  As a general guide weather decisions will not be made any earlier than Friday the night before since the weather has been known to change. 


Want to be a Coach?

As an all-Volunteer association, SSA is always looking for volunteers to coach our youth. We provide volunteer coaches with drills, practices, equipment and coaching techniques that can help them with their teams.

Sign up here

Want to get more involved in Micros?

If you have any time that you can contribute or you want to make a difference for players in your community, please reach out or come to a monthly open board meeting to see about joining the committee.  

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